The Montessori Reading Program
The key to learning how to read
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   The Montessori Reading scheme is a unique phonetic reading program that steadily builds reading confidence and ability.

There are 160 booklets that will teach your children to read. Each book builds in small incremental steps ensuring constant success and gives reading enjoyment and confidence.

The Montessori Reading Program can give your children every advantage.

Helping your children to learn to read will require a commitment.  

For 10 minutes each day, sit down and help each child individually read through a book. The program starts with the letters of the alphabet and then phonetic three letter words. Next are the "sight" words - common non-phonetic words - that will advance your child to reading sentence/story books. A recording chart lets you know a child's progress and when they are ready for new books.

In no time your children will be reading through the 120 short story books that will take them through to a primary level before they even turn four.

Still not sure? Here are 5 example books for you to print and try: Example Books

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